Ok so maybe that’s over egging it a touch but when looked at through the prism of traffic volumes arriving at your site, mobile visitors have been more numerous than their desktop counterparts for over a year now. Google themselves had this to say in May 2015.

Here we are then, well over a year later and that trend doesn’t seem like bucking anytime soon and for us, it still appears that creating an environment for this ever increasing number of website visitors can be a bit of an afterthought.

Web technologies change pretty rapidly these days and if your website was created more than 3 years ago, the likelihood is that a responsive version of your site wasn’t top of your agenda. That landscape has now flipped and if you’re serious about the digital channel continuing to deliver leads, sales or other opportunities then I’d argue that you really should bring this front of mind.

As with many applications of these sort of UX features, there’s a difference between good and great. Good is recognising that you should be making provision for these users and doing something about it while great is about not only creating a site that responds to the various screen sizes being used to view it, but by also taking into account the usage behaviours associated with these devices.

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Consider your garden variety smartphone and tablet. If, for example, you had to enter some details via a form on a tablet, it’s pretty straightforward to do. There’s a lovely half sized keyboard that pops up and there’s not much inconvenience or degradation of user experience. Contrast that with a phone however and it’s much more fiddly to perform exactly the same operation. There’s screen pinching and fat thumbs (guilty!) to contend with and in general, it’s just a little more cumbersome.

I’d like to invite you to consider two things then:

  • Does my site play nicely with mobile visitors? (which, according to Google, now make up more than their desktop cousins)
  • Even if it does, have I taken into account how people use these devices as they journey through my site.

Having a responsive site is one of the more important features of your website these days and it’s something that we place an unapologetic focus on here at Tone. As always, if you’d like to chat about this, or any other aspect of your digital output then hit me up via our contact form.

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Posted By David Redmond

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