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I just thought I’d put a very brief post up about why Facebook advertising rocks – in my opinion, and in the anecdotal opinion of lots of my peers.

Facebook: you’re probably on there. Half the world’s on there, seemingly. It’s massive, of course. So what you get is a steady stream of users, and to any advertiser, that is gold.

Why do Facebook ads differ from most other advertising?


We’ll start with targeting because that is where it really differs. Let’s say you sell sandwiches. You sell sandwiches in the local area, and the chances are you’re going to sell them between11:30and1:00. You could target everybody between the ages of 18 and 25, between the hours of11:30and1:00, in an area of around two miles from your shop. Where could you do that at such low cost?

On Facebook advertising: again, this is a very crude drawing of the Facebook profile, the general page. You’ll be familiar with it so you can probably use your imagination a little bit there. These two spots here are where the ads are placed. You’ve got a little image and then a little bit of text, and a headline as well.

You can pay per click or per 1000 impressions. We’re doing a lot of testing, and we’re finding more that the cost per 1000 impressions is a little bit more cost effective, but again, it really depends on whether the ad’s getting clicks, right?

You could put an ad there saying – and again, Subway did a great version of this – “Sandwich Shop open. This is the special of the day” It wouldn’t take that long. You could plan it a week in advance, or work it into other ad planning.

But the point is the targeting that it offers is unparalleled – kind of unparalleled; there are a lot of social networks now, and there’s lots of different ways of targeting people, but the fact remains that people are always on Facebook. Do you see what I mean?

Targeting by Interests
Let’s look at a different example. You can target people that are fans of a particular thing. If you run a gym, you can target people that love running, and that kind of thing. So it gives you great ability to really fine-tune the people that you’re targeting.

We recently ran a campaign where the actual number – because it gives you a number as you filter down your users – of people we were targeting in the end was about 100–200, which is crazy when you think about it, when you consider you’re going to have a certain amount of 1000 impressions for your couple of dollars, or whatever.

These people, this small selection of people, are going to see this ad loads of times. So they’re either going to get really annoyed or they’re going to click it – one of the two. The idea is that you don’t annoy people. You might find ads annoying, but 9 times out of 10, people don’t even notice them, but the people that do and they do click, then they’re interested. They’re interested parties so it’s great.

Facebook has a great analytics system, which has been subject to a major revamp. It looks at demographic of the people that are seeing your ads, it looks at the click-through rate, and things like that. Click-through rate over time, as well, so it gives you an idea of when the most popular time is for your advertising, and you can fine-tine your campaign to react to that.

You can say you want this campaign to run between then and then, within this particular area, and I want to spend this much. You can cut it at any point. There’s no minimum spend per day. There is a minimum spend per day on LinkedIn ads, which are a similar kind of thing. We’ll do another post on LinkedIn ads separately.

There’s no minimum cost or anything, so in terms of entry – and you can pay by Paypal – stuff like this where it makes it really easy for small businesses to just get involved and just try it. I’d always recommend trying something once – marketing stuff, of course – but trying Facebook could really result in some great benefits.

I hope that’s been useful. I hope that gives you some inspiration to go out and try it yourselves. If you want some ideas and some help with managing it, just give us a shout and we’ll be able to help you there.

Keen to get any comments on experiences you have had with advertising on Facebook!


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