Your content is boring, and not engaging…

At least, your customers and clients think so. Quite a bold assumption I know. Simply writing blog posts and creating run of the mill landing pages isn’t enough to make your message stand out from the crowd and engage your customer. Newsfeeds are full of noise, email is just noise, paid ads – more noise. The days of simply blogging are over, your competitors have reached the next level in content creation in order to cut through and grab attention, so should you.

Why will interactive content help you engage, influence & convert your customers?

In the past two years, the number of interactive posts has increased by 33 percent according to Interactive content gives you a higher engagement rate, with more brand loyalty, the ability to capture more relevant data, an increase in your search presence, more backlinks, more likes, more leads and ultimately a better brand experience. All great stuff right?

Interactive digital content can be anything from quizzes and surveys, games, video, motion graphics, assessments, infographics, calculators and tools, interactive emails – literally anything you can interact with.

Leading examples of Interactive Digital Content

Grosvenorcasinos – Mayweather Vs McGregor fight 

Capitalising on key events is a great way to utilise Interactive Content. Here, Grosvenor Sport created this fight predictor to “Predict when the fight will end and see how fast their millions will be made”. Created by Tone, this simple and low-cost way to take your campaign to the next level helped Grosvenor turn real-time, sensitive & engagement driving content into paying customers, sign-ups and ROI.

Co-op, Nostalgia FM


nostalgia fm start and results page screenshots


Tone’s very own interactive quiz created for Co-op’s insurance arm. This is a musical flashback to when you passed your driving test –  a creative and engaging way to make content more relevant and personalised to the end user, and it is my favourite so far. Try it out here!


interactive digital content example

Marketers know how important it is to deliver valuable content to its customers. But, many companies mistake company-centric for customer-centric content. I mean, we all want to tell everyone how awesome our product or service is, right? But, are you overdoing it? The team at Influitive created the “How Vain is Your Marketing” interactive infographic to help marketers gauge how their content scored on a scale of “all about the customer” to “all about me”.


club med example

Tone’s very own interactive landing page created for ClubMed – see how much noise is created by aircraft where you live.

Noise pollution is produced by any aircraft or its components during various phases of a flight. See how much noise is generated by aircraft where you live or are house-hunting.

HubSpot’s Website Grader

hubspot interactive content marketing example

We couldn’t miss out HubSpot! Every marketer’s friend and easily a company creating some of the most cutting-edge interactive digital content marketing examples. This quiz grades visitors websites across a variety of categories and offers tips for improving your online strategy. Try it out for yourself!


The New York Times’ Interactive Article “You Draw It”

new york times interactive content example

Ok, so this one is clearly very political but it ‘s a great example of interacting in a more three dimensional way – more than just swiping left or right and clicking, customers crave highly developed ways of interacting with their marketing content. In the New York Times “You Draw It” article, and many of their other interactive marketing examples, they adopt an approach that invites the user to directly interact by adding data or entering text.

Adobe’s “Achieving Deliciousness” Educational Article

Adobe’s “Achieving Deliciousness” Educational Article

Adapting to today’s digitally overloaded world can be difficult. In this interactive marketing example, Adobe breaks down how to respond to content fatigue with a dynamic and intuitive design.

Aon’s Cyber Risk Calculator 

Use our Cyber Risk Calculator to determine your level of exposure and find out what simple steps any small business can take to reduce your risk. Created by Tone to support Aon’s Insurance group. As a Data Controller,  you can be fined up to 4% of your annual turnover for breaches of the General Data Protection Regulations, this clever calculator helps you determine your companies risk in a very simple and effective three-stage process, which educates & generates leads.

Forest Fuels – Get the best out of your commercial biomass boiler  

Forest Fuels Example


Interactive digital content can be used for the most challenging messages to explain to customers what problem you are actually solving, even if they don’t know they have this problem. Tone created this interactive piece to help Forest Fuels explain their unique proposition whilst keeping the audience engaged. “Eliminate the cost and effort of looking after your boiler.”



Ultimately, there is more content than ever out there, with expressions like “content is king” still at the forefront of marketers’ minds, we have a big challenge on our hands – how do we cut through the noise?

Interactive digital content grabs attention, keeps it, then turns it into something meaningful to enhance existing campaigns. This attention, in the form of visits, likes, leads, links or awareness is what puts brands in front of audiences. Can you afford not to do it?

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Posted By Lewis Rennison