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Posted by Liam on

Email Marketing for Small Business – Why it Works

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and precise marketing methods available. I thought I’d just quickly chat about the power of email marketing. I’ll give you an example scenario. The example scenario that we get often from our clients is that “We send out email newsletters. We send them Outlook and we put…

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Posted by Liam on October 16, 2011

How does Facebook advertising work? Costs and tips for small businesses

I just thought I’d put a very brief post up about why Facebook advertising rocks – in my opinion, and in the anecdotal opinion of lots of my peers. Facebook: you’re probably on there. Half the world’s on there, seemingly. It’s massive, of course. So what you get is a steady stream of users, and…

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Posted by Liam on September 3, 2011

I see… so A/B testing actually works then?

If you’re anything like me you will find the psychology/science/voodoo magic behind what makes visitors convert on or interact with websites fascinating. Canotte Golden State Warriors Asics Gel Noosa damskie If you share another trait with me it may be that you have tried A/B tests quite a bit in the past for various mediums…

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