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I’m fortunate enough to have found myself on both sides of the desk when it comes to building revenue from web presences.

Obviously we encounter questions and queries from prospective clients – and their inherent need for making more from their website(s).   We’re also in charge of building enquiries and subsequent revenue from our own web activity and we have a dedicated campaign team making that happen.

That is to say I can play both agency (to clients) and client (to our internal team) and I’ve seen some common themes:

“I need more traffic, more traffic = more enquiries and more sales right?”

“We are not high enough on organic search, we need to perform better here”

“We need to be more active on social media to build our traffic levels”

All those statements are perfectly true but they overlook one vital element which underpins everything you can achieve online.

It is very rare that a client says:

“We’ve got more than enough traffic; we just need that to work better for us”

Fortunately, if you ever speak with us for some guidance on generating tangible revenue from your website this is our default position.  You see, if you’ve got over 2,000 visits a month and some search engine visibility you’re probably working with enough traffic to reach your goals but the fact is you’re not using that traffic intelligently enough to make a dent on your bottom line.

Does this sound like you?

First, some napkin maths to prove my point then I’ll jump into some headline techniques we deploy:

Current conversion headlines:   5,000 Visits > 17 contact form enquiries, 4 calls (estimated)

Here’s what you’re not doing

  • You aren’t giving a method for might be interested users to give you their information (they aren’t ready for an enquiry as yet
  • You aren’t deploying telephone tracking to know precisely how many calls are generated from their web properties but we’ll come on to that in a minute
  • You aren’t engaging with your audience as an authority and you’re not really giving them any reason to return (remember, they visited your site for a reason so make each visit count!)
  • You aren’t tracking which of those enquiries turn into a customer, but lets be generous and attribute 2 sales to those 21 enquiries

How our approach differs

We like to move conversation away from vanity metrics or straight traffic vs enquiry data (enquiries don’t pay the bills!) and move it more towards “real customers generated from web activity” as this is really what you should care about. Here is a simple diagram of how your conversion path should look in a modern, B2B, inbound marketing environment.

Where you could be: 5,000 Visits > 20 customers

It’s as simple as that, putting the right core elements in place you can build a reliable strategy that’ll deliver value from your web presence.  The workings are in the diagram above.

Here’s what you’re now doing

  • You’re utilising a blog to improve the depth of content available on your site (both for users as well as search engines)
  • You’re building great content (ebooks, videos or other “takeaways”) to persuade otherwise passive visitors to give you their information in return for the downloadable/access
  • You’re tracking telephone enquiries to nail down the specific source (down to keyword/specific link) of your inbound calls
  • You’re nurturing the leads you’ve been able to capture via email on an automated, ongoing basis to convince them you are the right partner for them
  • You’ve committed to understanding that your web property is as good a lead generation function as your outbound call centre and you have a platform that’s able to give you easy access to the leads in your funnel currently

So where do you start?

Well there are lots of tenets to this of course, but fortunately we’ve built lots of resources to enable you to do this for yourself as well as wrapping all of this in a service. Leadbox is in beta mode now and we’re accepting applications, this is a managed service which enables your web presence to be taken from “where you are now” to “where you could be”.

If you are looking to take the DIY approach we can help there too, if you start with our ebook “Your 10 Step Lead Generation Strategy” which should fill in some blanks. Finally, if you want to tie it all together I recommend you jump on the free course by email we put together Business Growth Kit.

Your customers are out there and they’re probably landing on your site, its imperative you invest in converting those otherwise passive visitors into customers.

Keen to hear if you implement any of these techniques!


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Liam Veitch

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