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If you’re interested in finding out more about “bottom of the funnel” content, we assume you are already on a lead generation and inbound marketing journey.

However, for a recap on how we got here, take a look at our previous posts on “middle of the funnel” content and “top of the funnel” content

So after receiving positive responses from initial prospect problems and questions through wider parts of the funnel, it is time to convert qualified leads into guaranteed customers.

Once again, it might be worthwhile to look back on our post about how significant converting web activity into real customers really is. Attracting large numbers of traffic is one thing, but a reliable and coherent conversion strategy is crucial.

What is “bottom of the funnel” content? (Definition)

Bottom of the funnel content is about providing prospects with a definite offer and explicit reasons to buy. These prospective customers have conducted their research, learnt more about your brand but now need a taste of the final product.

It is vital to remember that bottom of the funnel content should target the right audience and those that have shown a strong interest in your goods or services. Cold leads or prospects might be scared or put off by offers that are too aggressive or forceful.

But a whole new level of engagement is required when it comes to convincing qualified prospects why committing to a purchase is the right decision. This buying encouragement should also include a sense of urgency and a demonstration of why not acting immediately would be regrettable.

Bottom of the funnel content ideas

As with other areas of the funnel, choosing which types of content to go with will depend on your product and demographic. Thankfully, there are various methods and offers out there that can indicate value, provide a flavour of the product while stressing the significance of making a purchase.

Free trial

Just like going to your local car dealership and test driving the latest model, a free trial will enable any prospective customer to see what the product is like before putting money on the table and committing to a sale.

Nothing comes close to experiencing the product first-hand, even if it is for a limited period of time or restricted in some way. As long as it lives up to expectations and meets the promises you have made, a sale is much more likely.

Live demo

Rather than handing over the product to your prospective customer, you may prefer to give them the option of a live demonstration. Your qualified and knowledgeable staff can show off and exhibit every intricate detail while answering any questions.

It also enables the prospect to visualise how the product would work for them. When you go to a house or property viewing, it is natural to think about where your existing furniture and fittings would go. A live demo will have the same effect.

Free audit or assessment

Presenting and promoting your business as a knowledgeable industry authority that can help other companies thrive has the potential to deliver extremely positive results. By offering prospects a free audit or assessment, not only are they getting something for nothing, they also receive an insight into how you can help them.

Think about double-glazing salesmen. They know that their product can lower your heating bill, reduce energy output and keep your home warm. As such, the majority of companies are happy to come round and provide a free quote and assessment, as the benefits speak for themselves.

Meeting or consultation

Putting a face behind a product or service and making personal contact will undoubtedly increase your chances of making a sale. This should not be considered as a sales pitch, but more of an opportunity to provide no obligation advice, review client objectives and offer future solutions.

If you own an Apple product, chances are you’ve been to one of its retail stores. Here the company provides free workshops that explain how products work, youth programmes for kids as well as one to one tutorials. In-store experts with a great deal of knowledge don’t expect a sale, but know you’ll be more likely to return in future.

Coupon or discounted deal

Offering warm leads a special offer through email campaigns could be the difference between sitting on the fence and making a purchase. Nobody likes to miss out on a cheaper deal, especially if it is for a limited time, so think about creating a special landing page with middle of the content case studies and customer testimonials.

Email subscriptions, weekly newsletters and coupon websites are extremely popular with high-street retailers and online customers in todays economic. There is no reason why this cannot work in a corporate or B2B environment as well.

After bottom of the funnel

If your chosen method of bottom of the funnel content works and the prospect completes a sale, then congratulations! This inbound marketing journey has been worth it. However, simply sitting back and waiting for initial visitors to become valued customers is a dangerous strategy, as the process doesn’t end there.

From here, it will be necessary to see whether successful leads match your definition of the ideal customer through data collected from conversion forms. Whether it is done manually or through a lead scoring processes, this identifies which prospects can be passed on from the marketing department to your sales team.

Following this, there is also the opportunity to turn customers into advocates. Positive testimonials, communication on social media sites as well as product ratings and reviews can all be used to improve and build on the inbound marketing process.

By now, we hope we have fully explained the marketing funnel and how the top, middle and bottom should be treated with the same levels of attention and respect. For more actionable advice on how to put your funnel together and how to generate leads, click the banner below for your free eBook “Your 10 Step Lead Generation Strategy”.

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