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Leveraging social media in an impactful and commercial way is a widespread dilemma for business owners, but we can help you make sense of it.

Social media can be challenging for many businesses.

Often they suspect that there’s opportunity therein for them, at best not knowing how to exploit it and at worst giving it a try before turning their back on it as a waste of resources.

The truth is that as part of a well-defined lead generation strategy, social media has a big part to play and can help you develop both customer relationships and brand awareness.


One only has to look at Facebook and Twitter to realise that as a species we like to share. Pictures, jokes, music and commentary fill the social space as people start and continue conversations every second, demonstrating that every person that tweets, follows or comments on you and your business has the potential to be a brand advocate to their network of followers.

We’d like to invite you to have some coffee with us while we chew over how a social marketing strategy can work for you – if nothing else, the Tone cakes need to be eaten to be believed!

Social Media in Numbers


Social Media has 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing


Social Network users in 2012 - a 19.2% increase over 2011


Of marketers say that social media has become more important in 2012


Minutes online is spent on social networks daily in the UK

I really appreciate everything you have done for us, from the fact that you did a terrific job to the fact that you understood what we wanted right off the bat! Thank you for your outstanding service.

Aly Samaha | Subspace

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