Infographic Design

A well produced infographic can present a large set of data in a digestible format and can be the lynch-pin of a successful brand awareness and natural link building strategy for your website.

Here at Tone we’re long term advocates of the benefits of producing great content, and infographic design sits squarely in the middle of that. Done well, infographics can be a real fillip to your content marketing campaign and stimulate conversation and sharing – all now very much within Google’s field of vision.

Where digital marketers earn their keep is in providing direction and strategy around the creation of assets like infographics, and we adopt the same principles here as we do with all of our digital output.

We ask “who is the audience and what are they interested in? What subject matter will resonate with them and if we achieve all of that, how can we encourage sharing?”

If you’re interested in understanding more about how you can leverage content in the form of infographics to grow your customer base, reinforce your brand image and generate exciting new leads, then let’s talk!

Infographics in Numbers


Of learning occurs visually

30,000 BC

First infographics ever created were cave paintings some 32,012 years ago

3.5 days

The average amount of days it take to research and produce an infographic


Links to a recent online marketing infographic produced by Unbounce

I really appreciate everything you have done for us, from zero Tone were were able to build over 10,000 monthly visits and more enquiries than we can handle!

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