For any of you that have read my too infrequent posts, you’ll probably know that I like to approach the wide world of web with a large helping of common sense. Today’s effort hopes to at least identify the hallmarks of a great online existence.

Your Website

Gotta get this bit right. If you want to attract more inbound enquiries or conclude more transactions through your site then this is your priority. A website that isn’t able to convert the traffic that visits it is little more than a white elephant. Now this is hardly news but if you think about it in these terms, then maybe you’ll start to realise just how important your site is.

If the rate of people that do what you want them to do (e.g. make an enquiry with you or complete a transaction) is 1 for every 100 visitors then your site has a conversion ratio of 1%. In order to improve your website performance you can do one of two things – accept that 1% is the way of it  and focus all your efforts in going out and getting multiples of those 100 people to deliver that one sale OR look at ways of increasing that 1% to 3, 4 or even 5%.

Think about it – let’s say your product costs £100 and it takes you 100 visitors to sell one product. Each of those visitors is then worth £1 each to you. If you sell 2 products per 100 visitors then all of a sudden, each visitor to your website is worth £2.

So the more efficient your site is at conversion, then the more each visitor is worth to you and as such, the value of your traffic acquisition tactics increases exponentially. This is the key point dear reader – the better your site converts, the more effective your digital marketing becomes.

I can’t emphasise this enough – the website is at the core of all the other stuff you do and whilst SEO and social media and all of the other things that digital marketers are telling you to do are valuable, getting your site right trumps them all.

We have loads of ways to turn your website into a conversion machine, but that probably warrants a more direct conversation – look me up at [email protected] if you’d like to chat more.

Traffic Acquisition

The site now looks great and what with users doing what we want them to do – it’s now time to get more eyeballs on it. Your garden variety digital marketing agency will now proceed to hit you over the head with SEO, Social Media, Blogging or A.N. Other billable service in the vague hope that by throwing enough mud at the wall, some of it will stick.

Let’s not be coy here, good agencies also charge but where we differ is that there’s a plan that’s based on accountability, visibility and results. We’ll be asking about:

  • Who is your target demographic? – their ages, job titles and typical buying habits
  • Where do they hang out online? – What content do they consume?
  • How does your service delivery align with customer procurement?

The point here is that getting people, the right people, to your site is not about adopting the tactic du jour, it’s about considering who your prospects are, where they are and what content will resonate with them sufficiently to bring them towards your brand. Once we’ve done that, the super duper converting website we’ve just focused loads of care and attention on will be only too happy to look after them.

Dots joined.

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Posted By David Redmond

Dave is the Head of Sales at Tone, talking sensible strategies for the benefit of customers. Follow him on Twitter @daveredtone