We’re big readers here at Tone, but how could we not be when we work in such a blog-rich industry? From the latest news and app roundups to great advice and even funny cautionary tales about what not to do, we come across a whole host of great blog posts that deserve to be shouted about. This is why we decided to create the Tone Top Ten, a weekly roundup of our favourite posts from around the web featured in no particular order.

Our first week of running the Top Ten hasn’t failed to deliver either. The posts below all feature some really great content from a variety of authors who’ve made us think, laugh and even utter a pensive, “hmmm.”

1. The 100 Best Free SEO Tools & Resources for Every Challenge – Interactive

This little gem comes from Cyrus Shepard over at The Moz Blog. Rather than your run of the mill tools roundup Cyrus has gone one step further by including an interactive checklist that allows you to filter the tools by the category most relevant to you. Whether you want to check if you’ve been hit by the latest algorithm update or analyse your page load speed, this post includes a tool for everyone.

2. 55 SEO Experts Reveal 3 Favourite Link Building Tools

There are too many link building tool roundups out there to count, which is why this piece from Richard Marriott of Clambr is so refreshing. The final list comes from a group of experts who have actually seen results from their efforts with each tool, rather than just cherry picking the most interesting sounding ones from other blogs. While you’re on Clambr we’d recommend you check out Richard’s ‘clambr what?’ tab as well. His tumultuous – and often hilarious – journey to launching Clambr is a breath of fresh air.

3. Rejoice! Safari is Once Again Providing Google Referral Information in iOS

Sometimes a bad day can be made that little bit better by a piece of good news – no longer will users who have visited a webpage via Google on Safari appear as if they’ve actually visited the page directly! Props to Search Engine Land for pushing out the news.

4. The Hipster Logo Design Guide

What do you get when you combine some nonsensical symbols, heritage inspired keywords and hipster fonts? This brilliant infographic has provided plenty of laughs around the office and has even made its way onto Wired, Fast Company and Laughing Squid! Sometimes it’s good to take a break from the traditional infographic format and just have some fun, as the impressive traction Tim Delger’s piece has seen goes to show!

5. Pin a Little, Save a Little

The good news just kept coming this week, even in the world of social media! After rolling out Rich Pins back in May, Pinterest have now introduced a feature that notifies users when one of their product pins has dropped in price. This is great news for any businesses utilising the social network and just goes to show what a valuable marketing tool Pinterest is becoming.

6. 15 Tips for Making your Product Images Work Harder

Everyone knows that product pages need images to stand any chance of improving conversions, but not everyone knows how to make these images more successful still. Econsultancy’s recent post aims to clear up the confusion with actionable tips supported by examples of their advice in action. A great read!

7. Google Launches Real-Time API for Analytics in Invite-Only Beta

While the launch of Google’s real-time reporting was a much-welcomed progression, it was never going to be convenient to sit at a computer all day and track the resulting insights. Thankfully Google have added a real-time API which fixes that, as covered in simple yet comprehensive style by TechCrunch.

8. Pressure Cookers, Backpacks and Quinoa, Oh My!

Sometimes a great blog post doesn’t have to consist of news, tips and advice. This quite shocking piece by Michele Catalano just goes to show that your search history is much more accessible that you might think. But what else is Big Brother watching? Your social networks perhaps? You never know…

9) How to Keep a Blog Post Outline from Going off the Rails

This post is perfect for anyone struggling to shave their cat. A metaphorical cat, obviously; Sean D’Souza uses the analogy to form the basis of a really comprehensive piece about really nailing a blog post outline. It’s so easy to wander off tangent and start adding unnecessary fluff to your posts, but if you sit down and teach them to be a bit more dog you’ll find the writing process much more enjoyable.

10. Winning with White Hat SEO in the Post-Penguin Era

With so many black hat companies still managing to manipulate rankings it’s refreshing to read something that champions the white hat way of doing things with real passion. Brien Shanahan’s post highlights the fact that black hat simply isn’t a viable long term strategy, and comprehensively highlights how to nurture white hat wins instead.

Have you come across a post that you think should have made it into this week’s Tone Top Ten? Share the link in the comments section below, we’re always on the lookout for new reading material!

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  • Jared Carrizales

    It’s all about #9…seriously 🙂 I have such a hard time with that. Thanks Charlotte.

    • charlotte_varela

      No problem Jared! It’s a great post, hope it comes in handy!