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I thought I’d explain a little bit about the copywriting service that you should be looking for, or at least, copywriting in general, and why it may be worthwhile for you to outsource it. What you probably have is lots of expertise in your market, but not a lot of time. You don’t really have too much time to write 20 pages of content if it is recommended that you do so. So what do you do about it?

I’ll keep the post relevant to the way we go about things here at Tone to keep it simple. So you can get a feel about what we do, our general manner towards our clients, or potential clients, how we approach things and generally what we aim to achieve for your business. This should give you an understanding of what you should be looking for when deciding to outsource your content.


What copywriting companies have is lots of time, but probably a little bit less expertise in your market – possibly none a lot at all if you was to compare their knowledge with your own. So these companies are somewhere near the other end of the spectrum to you, however what a good company should do is consult with you.


It would be beneficial to find a service where by the company will sit with clients for maybe half a day and simply talk about their business – talk about what they want to get out of their website. Combining this with their knowledge and maybe recommending that they may need 10 pages for instance. They should be called ‘this’, because this is what Google’s looking for, this is what people around the world, or around the country if you’re UK-based, will look for when they’re searching for your website. So we need to write really strong pages on ‘this’. What can you tell us about ‘this’?” – (‘this’ is not a suitable keyword by the way… I imagine it will be pretty difficult to rank for!).


Using what information you have given, the company then look around the net for ways and means of talking about what the client does; and they’ll simply write it. In doing this, SEO copywriting strategists will find a sweet spot on the spectrum – an area where the expertise of the client run alongside lots of time available by the strategists to create excellent content. A nice area to be in we think you’ll agree.


With the added experience that content creators have in knowing what the search engines want, by outsourcing content creation and management, clients are left with regularly updated news, excellent content, expertise in the industry which is ensured to be fully optimised for search.


  • – Time saving
  • – Optimised for search
  • – Delivered quickly
  • – Collaborative effort

Vast amounts of experience + vast amounts of time = superior content.

See, outsourcing your SEO copywriting really can be beneficial.

I’ll leave you to think it over…


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Adam Veitch

Posted By Adam Veitch

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