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Brand redevelopment & Responsive web development

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Saha (Salvation Army Housing Association), a national provider of social and supported housing, tasked Tone with reviewing, rethinking and ultimately replacing their current branding and web presence.

A consistent browsing experience irrespective of the size of screen used to view it

As the use of mobile devices to access the web continues to explode, the site needed to provide a consistent browsing experience irrespective of the size of screen used to view it.

User experience was at the core of this project and accessibility factors influenced the design choices we were able to make, to ensure that hard to reach segments of their user base can access the site in its entirety.

Dominic Lonsdale | Graphic Designer

Easy-to-update and flexible

Having delivered many WordPress developments of varying complexity, we felt that, as a platform, WP could provide SAHA with the environment that they needed. Easy to update and with flexibility baked in, WordPress lends itself well to responsive design and is scalable to meet any evolutionary business needs.

Wireframing allowed the design process to mature quickly as we combined our insights on web behaviours with the knowledge that SAHA have of their users and their needs.

A key aspect of the vision on this project for us

We have invested heavily in a project management structure which has yielded a 100% positive feedback rate in the past 12 months.

This was a key aspect of the vision on this project for us, the senior management team and more experienced members of staff have been witness to the failings of larger agencies’ service delivery who are more focused on generating new business (and turning around projects quickly as a result) rather than doing a great job of serving current clients so we’re pleased this paid dividends on this project.

David Redmond | Business Development

Final Say

SAHA wanted to open up the project to a variety of stakeholders – both staff and service users – and as such, project communications needed to be well managed. Tone project managers worked with SAHA to finalise site structure and ultimately deliver classroom based training on site at Tone HQ for site administrators.

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"We felt that Tone understood our core requirements and could deliver a project more representative of where we are as an organisation in 2014. The new site has been delivered on time and to budget, we're delighted with the outcome"

Peter Latham | Head of Business Development, SAHA

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