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MPP Global approached Tone to help totally revamp their online presence and design and develop a website that reflected the leading-edge service they offer.

Who are MPP?

Since founding in 2000, MPP Global have always operated at the sharp end of their space, quickly becoming recognised as thought leaders and solution providers. An impressive client roster, including many household names, look to MPP for Enterprise level CRM and E-commerce solutions.

MPP recognised that their digital proposition needed to reflect their growing stature and invited a number of suppliers to come and pitch. The brief, whilst rightly focused on user experience and aesthetic impact, also carried lead generation at the heart of its objectives.

Large amounts of legacy content and the SEO benefits associated with them needed to be transferred to the new property and housed more accessibly. Conversion of site traffic into meaningful connections was also an important success metric and aligned with the wider business goals of being more effective in the digital space.

Experience in creating precisely these types of conversion focused environments

Conversion of site traffic into opportunity was – and will continue to be post launch – a headline focus for the project and MPP were looking to appoint an agency that can not only deliver immediate improvements in that area but that will continue to optimise the site to that end in the longer term.

We have significant experience in creating precisely these types of conversion focused environments for SaaS and B2B clients and we’re happy with the outcome.

Anthony Mcloughlin | User Experience Lead

Project Management

MPP have a small marketing team and part of their selection criteria was the ability for a supplier to provide top bracket project comms and workflow management. What stood us in good stead here is that these are features typical of any Tone project. Assigning a dedicated project management resource together with our proprietary online collaboration tools helped ensure that delivery timetables were adhered to and that all internal stakeholders felt included with and connected to the project.


Responsive Design

Most sites will be seeing huge growth in the amount of visitors to their site that have originated from a mobile device and it’s an area in which we place an unapologetic focus. This is particularly relevant for MPP as many of their prospects operate in the tech and digital spaces and as such, the headline site objectives mentioned earlier needed to translate to the responsive versions of the site. On a more general note, it’s worth remembering that responsive design doesn’t just mean providing an environment that scales to a particular phone or tablet – it’s about providing a device agnostic experience that takes into account modern usage and browsing behaviours and doesn’t degrade the journey of a mobile user.


Impact and User Mapping

As a user base, website visitors are becoming a demanding bunch and with a much wider spectrum of site entry points, the aesthetic impact traditionally assigned to Home Pages in isolation now needs to cascade through to internal pages. In real terms this means considering the journey of a user and what that might look like and for us, this is where wireframing really adds value. The ability to quickly propose and collaborate on page structure and layout allows both client and agency to hypothesise and test different scenarios. The end result for MPP is that the high bar of impact that the home page meets is maintained throughout with bespoke graphics and layouts funnelling users along a well defined path.


A future-proof, flexible site which promoted a refined MPP message

From a technical standpoint, this project required a custom design & build of a future-proof, flexible site which promoted a refined MPP message and improved site-wide usability.

This translated into a simpler, more focused web presence which carried efficiency at its core. This efficiency is twofold; firstly for visitors to provide an efficient, logical user journey which maximises relationship building and conversion. And secondly, providing a back end interface that site admins, irrespective of technical skill, find easy to maintain.

Brandon Ingham | Web Developer

Final Say

MPP Global were inviting proposals to reimagine their website to more accurately represent the diversity and expertise behind their service offering and we were happy that this was the final outcome, and additional ongoing work committed justifies happiness from all parties.

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"Thanks to Tone for all the ideas, epic coding skills and for gluing it all together. Michael did a great job of making the site look elegant and modern, and Liam & Adam are the best cat-herders I've ever met."

Gabrielle Coggins | Marketing Manager, MPP Global

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