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Manufacturers of high-end bathroom furniture HiB sought assistance from Tone to support a complete brand overhaul and to develop a site which matched their market position & cutting edge products

Experience building successful eCommerce environments

“Our experience in creating commercially successful eCommerce environments allowed us to create a logical user flow through the site for end users, albeit without the final transactional element traditionally associated with that type of site whilst the dealer network will be well served by our strong creative and aesthetic impact.

We’re really happy with the outcome.”

David Redmond | Account Manager

Responsive Design

Most sites will be seeing huge growth in the amount of visitors to their site that have originated from a mobile device and it’s an area in which we place an unapologetic focus. This is particularly relevant for HiB as many of their prospects are B2C looking for information about HiB products and retailers and as such, the headline site objectives mentioned earlier needed to translate to the responsive versions of the site.

On a more general note, it’s worth remembering that responsive design doesn’t just mean providing an environment that scales to a particular phone or tablet – it’s about providing a device agnostic experience that takes into account modern usage and browsing behaviours and doesn’t degrade the journey of a mobile user.


Impact and User Mapping

As a user base, website visitors are becoming a demanding bunch and with a much wider spectrum of site entry points, the aesthetic impact traditionally assigned to Home Pages in isolation now needs to cascade through to internal pages. In real terms this means considering the journey of a user and what that might look like and for us, this is where wireframing really adds value. The ability to quickly propose and collaborate on page structure and layout allows both client and agency to hypothesise and test different scenarios. The end result for HiB is that the high bar of impact that the home page meets is maintained throughout with bespoke graphics and layouts funnelling users along a well defined path.

An online platform to back up the offline market leader position

“It’s a real honour to be involved in a complete brand transition, especially with such a well established (25+ years!) brand in its field.  It does present challenges, namely being respectful to the brand history while bringing it into the 21st Century.

It’s a site that’ll stand up to the test of time, and be flexible for additional growth over the next few years.”

Liam Veitch | Head of Production

Final say

All parties are delighted with the finished site, we were successfully able to create a custom designed, future-proof and flexible site which promotes a refined HiB message and improves site-wide user experience, while retaining the feel of a true market leader.


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"HiB were looking to create a consumer friendly website, that also promotes our new branding. We are delighted with the end result and the CMS interface is incredibly easy and intuitive to use"

Steve Kaye - Marketing Director

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