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A leading provider of CIPD training, DPG needed a website to significantly contribute to lead generation as well as providing a home for their thriving community and course portfolio.

Working with multiple lead gen disciplines

It’s great to work with clients that embrace the various parts of a successful lead gen campaign as it allows us to bring all of our knowledge to the table. This particular project had PPC, SEO and marketing automation as part of the mix and to see the effect on results that our blended approach has delivered is really pleasing.

Anthony McLoughlin

Results focus

The reality is that whilst having a great looking site does wonders for your vanity score, clients come to us looking to realise commercial opportunity through their web properties. Increasing the number of sales conversations, leads and completed transactions are typical of the headline objectives that we work with every day and we recognise that delivering real uplifts in these areas are the bedrock of an ongoing client relationship. It’s why we put such emphasis on discovery sessions, buyer persona mapping and wire framing – the devil really is in this sort of detail when it comes to ramping up conversion percentages on your site. ROI seems to be an overused metric given that it rears its head in almost every sales pitch – sometimes in the most tenuous of ways – but our impact on bottom line isn’t made of up cost savings or time reductions, it’s about tangible increases in customers, sales revenue and opportunities. We stand and fall by our ability to deliver in precisely these areas.

Design for mobile devices

Any regular reader of our content will know that design for mobile devices is a massive part of what we do. Individual browsing and research habits have changed dramatically since the first smartphones and tablets arrived on the scene and when looked at through the lens of lead generation, it’s important for users to be exposed to your proposition in a manner that suits their consumption preferences. Recognising that access to your content comes at different stages of buyer intent is a great informer of overall site design and in particular the mobile experience. For DPG, where research and information gathering are as likely reasons for users to visit the site as buying decisions, the whole site is structured around nurturing users from their first, often exploratory visit, through to a completed course booking – it should not be underestimated how important mobile is in that journey.

A site focused on conversion that looks great too

This project is a good example of how a well performing site can combine top drawer aesthetics and story telling with a well defined path to conversion. The icing on the cake for me is how quickly the site has significantly impacted those key bottom line metrics of leads and course bookings.

Looking forward to the next phase!

Liam Veitch

Final Say

This project embodies what we’re about as much as any we’ve been involved with. Pure play lead gen with results at its core that requires us to bring all of our knowledge to bear. Key metrics like time on site, inbound enquiries, visits from mobile devices and on-site chat sessions have all seen dramatic improvement.

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"Tone were extremely professional to work with and delivered an excellent website for us. They were friendly and willing to help and also had a useful project management system so we could see where we were at all times."

Nadya Suleiman, Head of Marketing

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