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Posted by michael on January 16, 2015

10 Cool Examples of CSS3 Transition & Transform Hover Effects

‘CSS3 transition’ can be roughly translated into non-technical speak as ‘Ah, doesn’t that move in a pretty way’. With the advent of new technologies such as CSS3 (which superseded CSS2), designers and developers are able to bring web pages and applications to life in a way formerly reserved for ‘Flash’ technology. I wanted to gather together some of the…

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Posted by Anthony Mcloughlin on December 16, 2014

10 Unmissable Posts from 2014 to Kickstart your Business into 2015

Here at Tone, we read and bookmark more quality content than we have hot dinners (not literally, obviously). We do however go through so many that we could have listed over 100 from 2014 alone in this post. But, instead of over facing you with 100, we’ve single-handedly cherry-picked the most in-depth, insightful and actionable posts from 2014…

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Posted by Anthony Mcloughlin on November 14, 2014

The 6 Most Common Negative Keyword Mistakes in AdWords (and How to Fix Them)

Earlier this year Econsultancy reported that 58% of companies were expecting to increase their PPC budgets, 34% were going to keep the same budget and only 9% expecting to decrease their budget. This shift in budget means an increase in PPC competition, and of course more money for Google! However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to increase your bids…

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Posted by Liam on October 15, 2014

5 Things About Blogging That Your Boss Needs to Know

Blogging is still in its relative infancy. If we go back just ten years, your average customer wouldn’t have even heard of blogging. That is no longer the case. The marketing world is moving on quickly in the face of an entirely new (and arguably more effective) form of advertising – content marketing – which focuses on…

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Posted by Liam on September 28, 2014

Tone on location in Cambodia with CCF [Video]

A few of the Tone team are currently on location with a client in Cambodia.   With previous work under our belt for global non-profits including The Salvation Army we were delighted to be selected as the agency partner for Cambodian Children’s Fund for a forthcoming project.   The task at hand (due for completion December 14′…

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Posted by Adam Veitch on September 25, 2014

6 Crucial Lead Generation Techniques for Guaranteed Online Success

1. Your Website – Become laser-focused on your customers One thing that spending hours each day on the internet has taught us is that most websites are not designed to generate leads – or at the very least they’re designed to do so poorly. Websites littered with jargon, complicated navigation, and a with focus on…

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Posted by Anthony Mcloughlin on July 24, 2014

Top Tips for Marketers Using GIFs on Twitter

Since floating on the New York stock market late last year, Twitter have been busy rolling out new features and layout improvements. Most recently, Twitter Support announced (ironically, in the form of a GIF, pronounced “JIF”) that users can now share and view animated GIFs on Twitter.com, iOS and Android! Starting today, you can share and view animated…

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