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Posted by Brandon Ingham on September 24, 2012

Free WordPress Responsive Frameworks – 5 of the Best

With mobile device browsing on the up-and-up, responsive websites are pretty much essential (oh, and recommended by Google). The previous solution; designing and coding multiple versions of a website in order for it to be viewable on different devices is becoming obsolete for sites in general, but the good news for designers and developers is that…

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Posted by Liam on September 18, 2012

5 things the Island of Ibiza taught me about sales and marketing

As I scribble this into the notes of my smartphone I am a few thousand feet above Europe, en route home from a semi-relaxed break in Ibiza. I hadn’t planned to blog about it but with a distinct lack of in-flight entertainment (thanks Ryanair) my twiddling thumbs needed occupying. To be clear I am not…

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Posted by Adam Veitch on September 11, 2012

Twitter Slams Google+ over ‘Search Plus Your World’ launch

As mentioned in an earlier post, Google launched it’s newest social algorithm change yesterday by merging the normal Google search with their social media platform Google+. The offspring, now known as ‘Search Plus Your World’, hasn’t gone down as well as Google may have hoped, and amongst the more savvy SEO’s in the market, our…

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Posted by Adam Veitch on September 6, 2012

Content Promotion – Industry secrets to help market your content

Due to Google’s algorithm changes and continued adhering to content quality guidelines, it is no surprise to find that content as a marketing tool has become popular in recent times. Content promotion is the process of maximising the exposure that content receives. This post will focus on promotion techniques used by industry influencers and should…

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Posted by Adam Veitch on August 17, 2012

Infographics – They’re still what they used to be and more

There’s always lots of talk about whether or not infographics pack the same SEO punch as they did a few years ago. To answer the critics quickly and definitively, I’m going to put my neck on the line and say that they are just as powerful as before; I’d say they’re even more powerful these…

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Posted by michael on August 8, 2012

A sneak preview of the projects we’re currently working on

The design team have been working hard lately coming up with some fantastic new concepts for our clients. So we thought we’d share a few pictures of a selection of the cool projects we’re currently working on – including an exclusive peak at the gorgeous design for our own new website. We’re all really excited…

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