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Posted by Anthony Mcloughlin on August 8, 2017

6 Simple Facebook Marketing Ideas You Should Be Using Right Now

With over 2 billion monthly active Facebook users, the potential reach businesses could achieve on the world’s biggest social media network is obvious. But with over 70 million businesses also using Facebook to market their goods and services, how can you stand out from this congested crowd and get your brand’s voice heard? Well, here…

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Posted by Liam on June 8, 2017

Election 2017 – Who wins if we count social media popularity alone?

Today is election day so as we trudge through the rain, dodge the exit pollsters and make our own personal decision on the future of our country we thought it would be appropriate to take a look at other metrics. In particular, who wins if the election was decided on social media popularity alone?  We have…

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Posted by Anthony Mcloughlin on May 16, 2017

5 Essential Ingredients of an About Us Page that Converts

A compelling ‘About Us’ page on your website is a great way to gain credibility and demonstrate a strong, clear and recognisable brand. You could have the best products or services but without that ‘hook’ or a clear connection to your visitors you may struggle to convert – a small necessity that many businesses overlook. A 2015…

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Posted by Anthony Mcloughlin on December 22, 2016

5 Key Reasons Why Wireframing is Important in Web Design

The chances are that you will have heard the term “wireframing” when working with web designers in the past. However, many people are still unsure about what this means for their company and web presence. What is a wireframe? The process of wireframing refers to the design period in which clients and web experts come together…

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Posted by Anthony Mcloughlin on October 25, 2016

It’s Official – Website Users Do Scroll Below the Fold!

People do scroll below the fold – you’ve just proven it. Yet we often still have the same old conversations with clients… Image credit: Brad Colbow Maybe not quite like that but you get the picture. “This, this, this (and of course, that) need to be above the fold” Back when newspapers were the most popular way…

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Posted by David Redmond on August 26, 2016

Mobile > Desktop

Ok so maybe that’s over egging it a touch but when looked at through the prism of traffic volumes arriving at your site, mobile visitors have been more numerous than their desktop counterparts for over a year now. Google themselves had this to say in May 2015. Here we are then, well over a year later…

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Posted by michael on August 11, 2016

Drop Down Navigation – 22 Inspiring Examples of Stylish Drop Down Menus

Over the years as a Front-end Developer and Designer, one of the most consistently bland elements I’ve witnessed on many sites has been the drop down navigation menu. Most of these haven’t been given any real consideration – they’re badly-designed and look like an afterthought or a bolt-on towards the end of the project. However, by…

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