Ours is a culture of creativity, ideas and innovation. We care about the job, the client, the results and relationships.


Developing strong relationships are the cornerstone of our success to date but we understand that these are only cultivated through over achievement, value for money and high standards. That’s why these are the bars that we set.


We pride ourselves on being that little bit different from your garden variety digital agency. Being houseproud means truly caring. About the job, the client, the results and the relationship.

Under the spotlight with...

Brandon Ingham

Web Developer

Brandon occupies a role in the development team here at Tone. He can generally be found building out great sites using forward-thinking technologies.

What is at the top of your bucket list?

I’d love to go travelling for a few months, I love seeing and learning about new places.

Name your top three computer games of all time?

MediEvil, Crash Bandicoot, Age of Empires

 What cheers you up?

Animals, if I could have ten cats I would because they never fail to cheer me up. But I’ve gotta love my turtles too.

What would be impossible for you to give up?

Driving, ever since I passed my test I realised how boring it can be without a car.

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The great thing for us is that our clients are endorsing this approach – it’s working for them and they’re reaping the benefits. It’s no coincidence that we get the lion’s share of our business through repeats and referrals – a stat we’re very proud of.

Anthony Mcloughlin | Digital Team

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