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Interactivity, whether through your website or not, is essential for creating next level engagement, telling stories, creating great user experiences and sparking that emotion you want your user to feel as they interact with your brand. A great way to capitalise on your 2019 website rebuild is to make sure your website can have a long lasting impression on its users and give your brand the opportunity to really separate itself from the competition.

Tone Agency has been at the forefront of interactive website design for years, and as such, we’ve always drawn inspiration from across the web. So here are seven of our most inspirational interactive website examples ready for your 2019 rebuild (or 2020, 2021, 2022, 23, 24).




Toggl is a time tracking app that offers online time tracking and reporting services from the web browser, as well as mobile apps. The interactivity on this site is very subtle but captivating at the same time, together with beautiful visuals the interactive elements help you absorb the information Toggl wants you to retain. Whimsical interactions and visuals, which can also be found in other parts of the site, such as the features, training, pricing and sign up pages make for a very inspirational use of subtle interactive website design.


Natwest – How to fight fraud 

Tone’s very own interactive creation built for Natwest to highlight the steps we can take to help fight fraud. The “Annual Fraud Update” from UK Finance highlighted that 53% of British adults are worried about their online security. But protecting yourself can be easy when you know how. Find out about the most common types of fraud and how to stay safe and secure.



APPS have taken interactivity and 3d to another level in this very clever product story piece. Focussing on the process of creation rather than selling the product itself, they brilliantly showcase their latest cider with interactive 3d animations and simple keyboard-based interactivity.


Ocean School 


If you have been sleeping for the past two years you might not know about the stigma around single-use plastics and its impact on our Oceans, brought to the masses attention by one very disturbing image from a certain David Attenborough documentary. Ocean School uses interactivity at the heart of their efforts to educate and emotionally interact with their users. In-Depth. Innovative. Interactive. Immersive.



Another interactive, but slightly more hard-hitting piece for Benenden.  Ever wondered what’s happening to your body when you overindulge on biscuits or chocolate? Now you can find out. I warn you, the results are not good. Created by Tone.




Improve focus and boost your productivity. Mix different sounds and create your perfect environment. This very addictive but simple use of interactive sound (and light) keeps users engaged for hours on end, something that could be easily integrated into all manner of websites.

Cyber Risk Calculator

A final interactive website created for Aon by Tone – “Use our Cyber Risk Calculator to determine your level of exposure and find out what simple steps any small business can take to reduce your risk.”


Final Thoughts

Interactivity on your website is essential for creating great brand experiences, better engagement and as 2019 sparks a new era of design, why not use your rebrand, your site redesign or re-skin, as the opportunity to create something truly lasting, evergreen and brand propelling?

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Anthony Mcloughlin

Posted By Anthony Mcloughlin

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