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As the clocks wind back and the cold nights draw in, the forward thinking among us look, well, forward. What follows is a quick summary of the trends you should be considering adding to your 2016 marketing planning agenda.

2015 has been an interesting year for most, the noise coming from the Governmental spin doctors points to prosperity, growth and a changing business landscape. How was it for you?

Have things really changed that much?

Will next year be any different?

At Tone we’re certainly a good use case if the Chancellor needs one. The work we’ve been doing to build out ‘World class web design for market leaders’ seems to be resonating.

Having found ourselves at the bleeding edge of marketing & web trends we have a lot to report, so I’ve compiled this brief summary you can add to the agenda for your 2016 planning.

Here are some trends to build into your planning for the next 12 months:

1. Interactive digital content

How shareworthy is your brand?   Regardless of your industry the landscape is changing from traditional blog posts to more engaging, interactive content.   Even for B2B sectors, surveys, quizzes and interactive data visualisation is proving incredibly effective.

Brand recognition is as important as ever, and having engaging, shareworthy pieces of copy to humanise your brand is often a differentiating factor when it comes to who gets what attention.

We put together this 1 minute video to explain what that all means.

Learn more about how we approach interactive digital content

2. Mobile focus (yes, it’s still rising)

We’ve been charting the growth of mobile browsing over the past 4-5 years. Is your site where it needs to be for the mobile section of your audience?

There are now more devices, more screen sizes, more operating systems and more varied browsing habits than there ever has been, so a focus for 2016 should be to ensure your website responds to every scenario. This doesn’t just been scaling up or down either, concentrate on providing a user experience which matches the user behaviours of that device.

Here’s how we approach responsive web design

3. Try Animation vs text copy

As broadband speeds have improved over recent years, so has the potential for video. We’ve all absorbed video content in some capacity, but did you know that users are 39% more likely to share content if it’s delivered by video?

If you had the potential to explain very detailed, intricate areas of your business in under one minute would you do it? Or would you subject a user to a huge text monologue? We helped Law4Employers repurpose a 3,000 word PDF brochure on one of their flagship services into a 59 second animated video.

In 2016 could you rely more on video to help tell your story?

4. Maximize each visit with remarketing

This is a timeless piece of ‘no brainer’ advice. Broken down simply, platforms like Google Adwords and Adroll give you the opportunity to showcase your brand message to users who have already voluntarily shown an interest in your message.

You can feature image banners, videos and text links to previous visitors automatically in the areas they’re already visiting online.

This is something you’ll no doubt be aware of, but consider how you might leverage more of it moving into 2016.

In Closing

So that’s a brief summary (ahead of a larger update later in the year) of what we expect to be the key marketing trends going into 2016.

At Tone we create world class websites and accompanying digital marketing campaigns, with a portfolio we’re really proud of.   We’d love to add you to it.

It may very well be that you already have a digital agency – I’d be surprised if you didn’t – but if you’re looking for additional support in creating amazing looking sites that position you at the cutting edge of your particular space; together with marketing campaigns that are designed to get more new people to your site (along with converting them into sales opportunities) then we should talk.

Reach out to us any time at [email protected] or follow our activity on Twitter.

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