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When Jeff Bezos revealed Amazon’s plans to launch half an hour delivery by drone, the internet went wild with praise, doubt and premonitions of a Terminator style future! But in this day and age, we think there’s a whole host of much weirder events that could befall the delicate pieces of kit!

1. Shoot ’em up

shooting Picture the scene – cash strapped ruffians begin to realise that, right above their heads, PS4 and Xbox games are flying about ripe for the taking. Cue armed gangs roaming the streets with assorted weaponry, searching for defenseless Prime Air drones to shoot down. Air Max 90 Homme
No doubt the occasional cry of, “Aww, it’s just a Wii game…” will be heard in the distance.  

2. When dogs fly

dogs Something moving in the garden you say? The dog’s on it – biting, jumping up and generally terrorising it. asics gel lyte 3 hombre negras If your dog is one who just WILL NOT LET GO, then wave goodbye to Rover as he disappears over the horizon, teeth firmly clamped onto the Prime Air drone. Whether the sky starts raining family pets or Amazon sorting centres become temporary lost dog hotels is another question.  

3. It’s raining drones

falling A fairly obvious but one of the most likely incidents – what’s going to happen when a drone malfunctions, dropping from the sky like a stone and hitting some poor, unsuspecting soul in the process? “What happened to Steve?” “Oh, poor guy got droned the other day, nasty…”  

4. nike pas cher Unintentional nuclear apocalypse

nuke Some bored guy in the Kremlin had just ordered a PS4 game from Amazon (Battlefield 4 if you must know). Before he knows what’s happened, Russia’s Strategic Missile Troops launch a responsive nuclear strike. Oops! Those Prime Air drones are pretty quick, and that blip on the radar could easily be confused for an intercontinental ballistic missile (in theory). cheap ffxiv gil  

5. New Balance 420 damskie They come in peace

ufos With that domed roof, surrounding belt and nimble hovering ability, we don’t think it’ll be long before reports of UFO sightings go through the roof and believers start making pilgrimages to Amazon Prime member hot-spots!  

6. Robot Wars takes to the sky

fight We’ve seen arms races, we’ve seen space races – well, before long we’ll be seeing drone races as postal companies and online retailers battle it out for delivery supremacy. AIR MAX SEQUENT From chainsaws to rockets to flamethrowers, the race is on to create the Sergeant Bash of the sky!  

7. The great trucker uprising of 2015

truckers-nets What’ll happen to the delivery teams driving around products from Amazon other online retailers if drone technology catches on? There’s every chance they could be out of a job, while the suppliers of nets and other hunting paraphernalia coincidentally start raking it in…  

8. adidas y3 homme One giant leap for drone-kind

iss Felix Baumgartner skydived from space, had a single beamed down to Earth from space, so why couldn’t a Prime Air drone deliver some essentials to the International Space Station? it’s need proper heat protection of course, but even astronauts need a dose of Big Bang Theory every now and then!  

9. A new generation of pranksters


There’s a reason Beyonce lost her glamorous demeanor at the Super Bowl. She had a shocking premonition of an age where, no longer limited by the humble prank call, trouble makers everywhere could disrupt world-famous events with a coordinated invasion of 5lb item-carrying, flying robots. Yeezy Boost 750  

10. UCLA Bruins “Hey guy… wanna buy a drone?”

You can buy anything on the black market nowadays. Damon Harrison Deactivated Amazon Prime Air drone anyone? Perfect for those who want to smuggle contraband to a friend in jail

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