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If you’re a regular Twitter user like me, you’ll have no doubt expressed several emotions in reaction to other people’s Twitter behaviours, which got me wondering whether or not fellow Tweeters were thinking and reacting in the same way that I was when it came to Twitter spam/gold etc. With the thought fresh in my mind, I set out to ask a few communities on Google+ and LinkedIn about what behaviours people found the most annoying, pleasing and surprising on Twitter. Here is the result!

A big thanks to the following people who took the time to answer, enabling me to put together this fairytale story:  Ingenious BritainDennis BrownDavid at justDAJBen O’hanlonSteve HillJackson SalzmanChris HomerSteven WislonDolphin ComputersAnand Pajpani and David Prochaska. I also want to give a special mention to Chris Dyson who inspired me to tell this story in GIF format with his comical ‘The Link Building Process in GIF Form’ post.

7:30am: You wake up, launch the mobile Twitter app and see 3 notifications…

excited confused gif

Notification #1: A tweet from @iamspam9 with just your twitter handle and a suspicious looking link

sceptical sloth

Notification #2: @IFollowEvery1 and 6 others followed you

geek clapping happy

You check out @IFollowEvery1 and see that you are followed person #487,898… and he’s a #TwitterExpert

disbelief at screen

Notification #3: A friend discovers the new photo tagging feature and tags you in a photo from Saturday night

disgusted by picture

Notifications checked, you switch to your timeline and see that @PhatDesignz has, “Gained 45 new followers in the past day. I’m growing my account the right way, are you?

do you want a medal gordon ramsay

Feeling unimpressed thus far, spoof account @Queen_UK tweets: “Don’t worry about voting for the UK, Europe. Just give us a call when you need us to pop over and sort out a war or something #Eurovision

star treck rofl

Now in a more jubilant mood you tweet: “U2 – It’s a Beautiful Day #NowPlaying” and set off to work

borat dancing

12:00pm: You reopen Twitter at your desk. Just 1 notification: @AnimalNameMarketing and 3 others followed you

happy to disappointing

Feeling good-natured you follow @AnimalNameMarketing back and 5 minutes later you receive a DM: “Thank you for following. Gives us a like on Facebook and we will be happy.

punch in the face

After un-following @AnimalNameMarketing you check out your timeline and see a tweet from @PR_Ken: “#New #Blog #Post – This week’s ‘What you missed in #socialmedia #marketing #PR’ – #hotoffthepress #lunchtimereading


In the meantime, 2 new notifications and 1 DM drop in…

Notification #1: Out of nowhere, an industry peer tweets an old blog post of yours with an unsolicited compliment

mask thanks

Notification #2: @BobbyLolz85The unpopular kid from high school follows you

oh for f**k sake david brent

DM: @SteveTwit uses TrueTwit validation service. To validate click here:

what why

12:20pm: Realising you only have 1 hour to complete your latest blog post, you cut lunch short whilst tweeting: “The Prodigy – Smack my B***h up #NowPlaying

1:15pm: You publish and tweet your latest blog post: “A (not so) Typical Day on Twitter Told in GIFs #SocialMedia

1:18pm:Nobody’s retweeted it…

sweating cinemgraph

1:21pm: Still no retweet…

really sweating

1:24pm: Finally, it’s retweeted!

sad then happy baby

Only to realise they have 2 followers…

angry sweat

1:25pm: To pass a little time and wait for the retweets to flood in you head back to your timeline…

@SocialSally cross promotes a Facebook post to Twitter: “Join us today at noon EST/4 p.m. GMT for the social media marketing masterclass May 2014. Call in toll-free at…”

bewlidered kid

In the space of 5 minutes, @Tech_Newz_Digital tweets:

“[TECH] A little bit of News, keeping you in the loop. It’s what we do! #TopStories #News Apple’s Beats Deal”

“[TECH] A little bit of News, keeping you in the loop. It’s what we do! #TopStories #News Apple’s Beats Deal”

“[TECH] A little bit of News, keeping you in the loop. It’s what we do! #TopStories #News Apple’s Beats Deal”

“[TECH] A little bit of News, keeping you in the loop.

3 new notifications…

Notification #1: @ILike2Fave auto-favourites your new blog post because it contains “#SocialMedia

Notification #2: @Biz_Grow includes you in a #FF along with 8 others

Notification #3: @Biz (Biz Stone) the Co-founder of retweets your post to 2.15 million followers!

2:00pm – 10:00pm: You sit back and relax, watching your post go viral

10:00pm: 2,103 notifications later…

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